Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work Plan for the Week

Happiness is having a stack of quilts, all pinned and ready to go! Before Dawn Sammons moved to Nevada, she used to work part time for me. She would press quilt tops, clip the stray threads, layer them with batting and backing, and pin them all together so that when I was ready to quilt, all I had to do was grab one off the stack. Oh, boy -- do I miss her! Especially on a day like yesterday, where I pinned three --none of them were huge, though, so I should just quit whining!

"Poetic Blossoms" is the first one up. I just wound bobbins with Invisifil, a very fine 100 wt. poly from the WonderFil company in Canada. The cone above is color #464, which is kind of a greenish gold; it blends perfectly with all of the colors of my backing fabrics.

For the ditch stitching, I will use the clear monofilament from SewArt
. This thread is relatively new to me and I really like the matte finish; it seems to be less conspicuous than the shinier monofilaments in the finished quilt. For the decorative stitching in the main part of the quilt, my choice is the Sulky variegated rayon pictured on the left, color #2202, Mint Greens/Pinks. Machine top tension for both threads will be set at 3.25; this setting will be appropriate for most machines with a 4.0 auto setting.

Once I get the body of the quilt done, I can decide if I want to keep the same thread in the top of the machine for the border or, most likely, switch to another. I'll keep you posted!

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