Monday, January 24, 2011

Working on the Poetic Blossoms Panel Quilt (Part 2)

Over the weekend, I shared on facebook that I had bound the Poetic Blossoms quilt, so thought I had probably better pick up where I left off on the quilting.....

Each of the four corner blocks was a picture of a flower cut from the Poetic Blossoms panel. It was cut to the same size as the other blocks, but had a printed frame around the flower. I straight stitched the printed frame and then chose a border stencil to go in the outer area around it. This stencil was purchased from JD Stencils at a quilt show and is #211.1 (the .1 means it is 1" wide).

This is what it looked like stitched in the pastel rayon that I used for the other block stitching. If this is the first post you have looked at while I've been working on this quilt, you can catch up here.

These are the border stencils; the narrower one is available at The Stencil Company.

The wider stencil was not marked as far as manufacturer, a pet peeve of mine. How can I tell you where to buy something if I don't know where I got it?

These are the three threads used in the borders; since the inner border is half green and half red, I used green #903 and red #770, both Mettler 100% cotton silk finish 50 wt threads. The rayon in the border is Sulky #1209, Light Avocado.

And here it is, all finished -- hooray! The binding is the same green fabric as the inner border. I was surprised at how well it went with the pillows I made in 1994 from P&B's Virginia Wheeling line of fabrics. It just shows that if you wait long enough, those colors do come back!

I've done all the straight stitching on the quilt I'm working on for Alex; if you didn't see my sneak peak, click here and scroll to the bottom of the post. Can't show you details as it is for The Quilt Life magazine and we don't want to spoil the surprise....

Above is the third quilt that I pinned that day -- I guess I should have named that post "Work Plan for the Month", rather than "Work Plan for the Week!" -- and I am freehand quilting this one with the "flower power" flowers that I teach in my free motion classes. They will be varying sizes and will cover the whole pieced area of the quilt. Since this quilt will be given to my granddaughter Zoe for her 5th birthday, washability is important. The thread is a beautiful bright corally-pink from Mettler, #805; it's the 100% cotton silk finish that I use so often and will withstand years of washing.

Next post: Two quilt shops in Cameron Park and how well my "not buying anything" plan worked out....

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