Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a Pinning Day....

When I joined five quilting friends on January 31 for our very first JAM meeting (Just Another Monday), we each brought a couple of projects that we wanted to finish. It started out with the premise that since each of us owned a lot of kits, we would pledge to dive into our fabric closets, get one out and cut, piece, quilt and finish it by our next meeting on January 31.

This was the kit that I chose -- "Poetic Blossoms". The pattern was by Janice Smith using the Poetic Blossoms line of fabric designed by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints. So here's the finished top, with only one change from the kit. Since I tend to swap out fabrics and change pattern details, this is pretty good compliance for me!

The only changes that I made concerned the border: The mid-scale medium green print pictured at the left was included with the kit to cut a 5-1/2" border. I wasn't crazy about that print and my local shop, Bolts in the Bathtub, had the line of fabric in stock, so I chose the more dramatic print on the right for my border and cut it 6-1/2" wide to show off the larger scale. This quilt measures 58-1/2" wide by 69" long.

Here's a closeup of the border.....

Along with the border fabric that I didn't use, leftover pieces of fabric from the quilt went on the back...

...there were some interesting pieces of a border print and some other things -- couldn't throw them away!

Second on my pile of quilts to be pinned today is one of the International Mystery Quilts of the Month, a fun thing that I'm doing at Bolts. Not teaching, just sewing -- that can be a lot of fun, too! This quilt represents Italy on our world tour and the pink/green/cream/brown colorway was called "Spumoni". It measures 46-1/4" x 68-3/4" and will be a perfect cuddle quilt for my youngest granddaughter, Zoe, who will be 5 in June.

Nobody loves sweets more than Zoe, so this border fabric was just perfect!

Again, leftover blocks as well as chunks of fabrics used in the quilt went on the back. I don't like having a lot of scraps laying around, so I have been trying to use all up of the fabrics on the back
of my quilts. Once the back is constructed, if the leftover pieces of fabric are at least 1/2 yard, I put them back on the shelf. Anything smaller gets cut into 2-1/2" strips and thrown into either a light, medium or dark strip bucket. That way I have a really good selection when I feel like piecing again.

The last quilt I'm pinning up today is for Alex Anderson -- as usual, I don't get to show the whole quilt, but I can do sneak peeks.....

This is the backing -- way colorful! I'm liking this a lot!

Just a peek at a corner ------oh, what the heck ----

Here's the whole thing!

Another good thing I did this week
was to finish an anniversary quilt that my friend Paula Fleischer made for her parents 50th. I took detailed pictures of her excellent and imaginative applique and photo transfer work and the quilting that I did to bring it out. I'll do a separate post on this very cool quilt!

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