Monday, January 24, 2011

I Really Wasn't Going to Buy Even One Thing! Cameron Park CA

We've all had days where we've wandered into a quilt shop and had absolutely no intention of buying anything, because: 1) We already have enough fabric at home to make more than seventeen lifetimes worth of quilts; 2) We're really not in the "fabric collecting" stage of any particular quilt idea; 3) We're just not in the shopping mood or 4) Any other reason that you can come up with or any combination thereof.

So that's pretty much where I was this past weekend in the Folsom/Placerville area of northern California. My sister and I already had gone to Babies 'R' Us to buy a birthday present for her grandson, and DSW so that I could score a couple of pair of shoes, so now it was time to go to the quilt stores....

We went to two, both of which I have been to before (and wasn't able to resist buying goodies then, either). One of them was High Sierra Quilters, located at 3450-8 Palmer Drive in Cameron Park (phone: 530-677-9990).

Found sale fabric -- the pink/brown print will stretch out the leftovers from the Puzzle Box quilt; had to give the first one to the baby I made it for, but liked the quilt so much I'll make another. For pictures of the original quilt and how I quilted it, click here.

Found a book, 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros, that had some great ideas for using purchased fabric panels in quilts. She uses all 9 patches as fillers, but I think some of the placement ideas are good jumping off points for more complex designs.

The plastic project bags in the upper left hand corner of the photo were all over the shop, filled with kits for sale. They did have some empty ones, though, and I think they will be perfect for carrying around some of my UFOs.

Here's a close-up of that other pretty pink fabric I found on sale. Tiny gold flowers and polka dots and pink -- what could be better? One of those fabrics was $4 per yard and the other was $5 per yard.

We also visited Shared Stitches; there's a previous blog post on this shop with lots of pictures and contact info. To see that post, click here.

I had paid for a book and a handful of patterns and wasn't going to buy any fabric at all -- until I saw the sale rack outside the store as we were leaving. This Christmas fabric has a mottled pink and white background with that cool branchey kind of print and was 50% off.

But even better were these three fabrics that were 75% off for Halloween! Not traditional Halloween colors, but......

.....if you look really close, you can see tiny witches on brooms, stars, pumpkins and BATS!

I will be able to sneak a little Halloween into lots of quilts without anybody ever noticing -- LOVE THAT! These fabrics were a major score!!!

The book and patterns I had originally bought before I discovered the above treasure trove of fabric....

So, I guess now you know how good my intentions were and how long they lasted!

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  1. If it helps, please know I approve every one of your purchases,especially the copy of "Spice of Life" book.



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