Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shared Stitches -- Cameron Park CA

When I taught at the Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild a couple of years ago, some of the members were raving about a fairly new shop in the area called Shared Stitches. One of the members just happened to be going there during my stay and invited me along for the ride. There were lots of great fabrics and very friendly people, so I joined the e-mail list. This, of course, exposed me to weekly in-box temptation as new offerings -- whether fabrics, classes, or notions -- are described and added to the ever lengthening list of "things I have to have"....

So when my sister Carol and I went earlier this week, I was pretty excited about it. This is the front window, promising lots of good stuff inside!

There were more fabrics than I remembered and quite a few quilts displayed.

This is the $5.00 Block of the Month; there are a few spaces left in the class to make this quilt, designed and quilted by Lorraine Matthews.

This quilt was hanging in the classroom and I absolutely loved it! It's called "The Calendar Quilt" and it is a block of the month project from WillowBerry Lane. It was a 2008 project and there was just one pattern left in the store...

So I grabbed a few fabrics in the pinks that I love and started my pile of bolts, which kept growing.....

....and growing, until I had 11 fabrics when I was done. Still not enough, but a pretty good start!

My sister doesn't consider herself a quilter, but she does like to do hand work. She bought 1/2 yards of the 10 fabrics at left.

And this quilt, hanging in the shop, was her inspiration.

Oh, and we also went to Babies R Us to buy itty bitty clothes for my two month old nephew, and to DSW to buy shoes for me, and Mimi's Cafe for lunch, High Sierra Quilters for more fabric, and then Starbucks to wrap up the afternoon -- all in all, a good sisters' day!
If you would like to visit Shared Stitches, it is located at 2650 Cameron Park Drive, Cameron Park CA 95682 (phone 530-676-4739). To go to the store website, click here.

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