Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finished With the Quilting!

Once the diagonal grid was completed, the border design was next. The border is also appliqued, so whatever design I chose, it would have to be stitched around and between all of the appliqued pieces. Again, I had to consider the limitation that Alex does not want to wash this quilt, so marking and stitching all four sides at a whack to "race" the longevity (or not) of the air soluble marker was key.

The above design meets all of my criteria -- it doesn't have to be stitched continuously and it will look really pretty accenting the applique. It is #SCO-183-6.5 from The Stencil Company.

This is a fairly wide border for a small (49" square) quilt, so the length adjustment would not work; a mirror image in the center took care of that problem.

The design is stitched with the off white Sulky rayon #1071 that was used for the feather designs in the center of the quilt.

The appliqued leaves on the quilt were too big to leave plain, so veins were stitched in freehand; Sulky 40 wt. rayon #2115, variegated pine greens was the thread used.

Last step is to make and attach the binding and into the FedEx truck with it!

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