Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shiisa Quilts -- Bloomington IN

It's always fun, as well as a great compliment, to be invited back to a shop where I've taught before. I taught at Shiisa Quilts in August 2008, just a few months after Jan opened the shop. Jan lived in Japan for 7 years; she has also lived in Guam and Korea. Her love of Asia is reflected in the decor of the shop and the fabrics that she buys.

The furniture in the shop was purchased in Japan, but are antiques from China. The opium bed above is 140 years old. Jan had originally planned to purchase a wedding bed, but then saw this one and had to have it because of the shiisa feet.

This is a longevity chest that would typically be made for a relative, such as a mother or grandmother. The carvings all represent long life. On top of the chest are shiisa pottery pieces that Jan made herself in a class she took in Okinawa.

The altar table makes a great display for books and fat quarter packs. Jan was telling me that she can tell from the way the feet are worn down that the furniture sat on a dirt floor for a long time.
Tonight I am doing a lecture at the local guild and then I will do three workshops this week in the classroom here at Shiisa Quilts, so I'll be sharing lots more pictures of the fabrics and quilts in the shop.

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