Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Why Are You Out of Your Booth?"

This morning started bright and early in that we had the very best of intentions to leave the house almost at the break of day to get to Festival in time to see the quilts before the show opened and we had to be in our respective booths. We actually left the house earlier than planned, but then sort of got sidetracked:

First, I wanted to see the Bernina 830 all set up with the Qbot...

Denise had checked yesterday with Linda Z's Sewing Center in Arlington Heights IL to see if they had that kind of arrangement set up in the store. I probably didn't NEED to see it, but being a visual person.....this 830 was set up on a small 3 ft. dealer demo frame, but I could see how things were hooked up and how the BSR worked with it all.

Someone had worked on the frame and some of the designs had been stitched out....

On our way to the quilts, we stopped in to visit Cheryl Barnes at the Golden Threads booth. Those of you who have either seen my Fluff & Stuff DVD or have taken classes from me where we discussed marking tools may remember my recommending the Golden Threads quilting paper, especially for difficult marking situations where nothing else shows up on the fabric.

Cheryl also has a number of books with patterns utilizing the paper, such as her "Quilting Dot to Dot: Patterns for Today's Machine Quilter". In the book, there are a lot of patterns, including some great holiday ideas; there are also directions for resizing the designs to fit your quilt.

Here are pictures of a couple of the many quilts hanging in the booth.....

Here are Cheryl and Denise in the booth -- they have been working together on designs for the Qbot. They are sold online, through dealers and at quilt shows; the designs included with the Qbot are from Golden Threads.

Then on the way back to my booth, I made a sharp right turn at this stunning quilt displayed on one of the outside walls of a booth selling crystal embellishments for quilts and other fabric arts. I studied the quilt, looking for applique method and admiring the exquisite quilting, and finally determined that it was most likely stenciled. When I asked the proprietor of the booth about the quilt, she said that it was actually a printed vintage tablecloth that she had had machine quilted.

My apologies to all, I was so excited about the quilt that I misplaced the piece of paper where I had written down the name of the embellishment business; I'm going back to the show in the morning and will get this again and this time, try very hard not to lose it!

Have to show you close-ups of this -- it was my find of the day!

Tomorrow we are going to make our best attempt to execute the plan that didn't work today -- leave early, actually see the quilts and get some photos.

Incidentally, the title of this post is due to the fact that something would catch my eye, I would dash out of the booth to see it more closely and someone would catch me red-handed (or -footed, as it were) and say, "And why are you out of your booth?"

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  1. Terry WojciehowskiApril 18, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Love the vintage tablecloth! Who would have thought you could quilt something like this and have it turn out so beautiful. Sounds like you have a wonderful time.


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