Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fluff & Stuff -- Bernina Store & Sew Much More, Boardman OH

Isn't this a great classroom? Not only were there pretty quilts on the walls to look at, the individual sewing tables were pretty impressive. They had large wells so that the machines, with their extension trays attached, were level with the rest of the table. That makes quilting so much easier, especially if you bring an adjustable chair from home to get your sewing height just right.

I thought this machine embroidered pink elephant quilt was adorable!

In my Fluff & Stuff class, everybody brings their own pieced, layered and pinned quilt to class to work on.

Everybody's fluffing and stuffing their big quilts through their machines....

Joyce owns the Bernina Store & Sew Much More. She got interrupted to help out in the store periodically, but she did actually get to take the class. You've got to have pretty good staff to be able to do that!

One thing that I really appreciated is that Joyce is also a Bernina tech and she was willing to take the time to explain some of the mechanics of the new 830 machine to me. Knowing these things will enable me to help people when they are sewing on these machines and get themselves in trouble. I'm pretty familiar with the other models, but this one is completely different (and wonderful!) so it is a new learning process for me. As I go from shop to shop, I pick up more facts, so I'll understand my machine even better when I get home.

Of course, I LOVED the pink quilt to the left!

Lots of variety in the quilts that were brought to class -- eye candy....

A mother and daughter team here -- the daughter sewed while Mom observed and supervised. They own an industrial machine embroidery business, so this type of sewing is quite different for them.

The first day of Fluff & Stuff is sewing on their own big quilts to get the feel for moving them through the machine -- second day will be free motion. Lots to learn, lots of sewing to do!

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