Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Challenge at Spring Quilt Festival

The next quilts were part of a collection that I think was a challenge to quilters in Illinois. I didn't get a picture of the placard identifying this group of quilts, so if this information is not correct, please let me know so that a correction can be made. No details were given as to city/state of the quilters, so just the name is provided.

"Royal Radiance" by Dottie Lankard is her original design using EQ6 and is paper pieced.

The level of detail is amazing, especially considering that this piece measures 37" in each direction.

"Woodland Spring" by Lisa Ellis is an original design "constructed using my own Lazy Landscape and Graceful Trees techniques." This quilt measures 22" square; I was particularly captivated by the pieced background and how it set off the applique.

"Pretty in Beige?" by Julia Donaldson; central flower image was based on a photo taken at a local flower show.

"Fantasy Seahorse" by Pat Mazzarella; "Decked out in beaded paisleys, my fantasy seahorse hovers above an equally fanciful seabed."

Had to show close-ups of this wonderful embellishment....

A few more photos in another post and then Chicago will be another fabulous quilt show memory.....

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