Friday, April 16, 2010

It Started Out to Be a Really Good Day!

Hopped out of bed bright and early this morning -- well, of course, because I'm going to a quilt show! So I was ready about 20 minutes early and Denise and I got into our friend Carol's car and first headed to the shop of LitenUp Technologies.

Denise had started this quilt in the second session of AAQ Retreats last fall (the retreat that Alex Anderson and I taught in Livermore CA) and I hadn't seen it finished. Since the quilt was at the shop to be put on the frame for quilting with the Qbot, it was handy for a photo opportunity.

We left the shop and drove into Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, for the Spring Festival. It is huge! Many, many quilts and vendors. I was pretty busy in the Unique Sewing Furniture booth today, so didn't really get out to "walk the floor" and take notes and photos. The plan is to go in early tomorrow morning to get a good look before things get crazy again.

We left late afternoon to attempt to beat the traffic (I know, but hope springs eternal) and were a little over halfway home when we decided to stop at a Starbucks for what elementary kids call a "nutrition break". We made a right into the shopping center and were almost through our turn when a lady made a left across three lanes of traffic into the same driveway and, unfortunately, broke that rule of physics that states that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

The result required a few phone calls, a police report and a tow truck, but nobody was hurt and we have worked out all the logistics to get us back to the show in the morning. That's the important thing, right?

I'll get in early and get some good photos to share the show with you......


  1. glad everyone is ok!! but what a way to end the day :(

    gorgeous quilt, Denise!!

  2. That is a drag! At least everyone is okay! Makes for craziness, though, doesn't it?! Good luck!


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