Friday, April 2, 2010

Continuing with Alex's Quilt

After stitching the center, the next step was to go around each and every appliqued piece in the blocks of the quilt. This took about 3 hours! I used YLI's Wonder invisible monofilament thread in clear so that the applique stitches would show, not the quilting. The quilting is there to give texture to the appliques.

Then I marked all of the corner and side motifs with the air soluble marker.....

....and stitched them using the Sulky rayon thread that was used for the center. Each of the motifs was marked using portions of the same stencil as the center motif.

Next step is to mark the grid and stitch it. The grid is 3/4" as I wanted to approximate the size of the appliqued circles so that everything would be quilted to the same density.

Now to install the walking foot, put a cotton thread in the machine (Mettler Silk Finish 100% cotton in #887, a soft white), and stitch that grid. Alex promised that she would visit me in the nut house when I'm done!

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