Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Wool Lady -- Temecula CA

As Mikey and I wandered around Temecula, poking around in various shops to see what gifts and goodies we could find, we passed The Wool Lady a few times. I thought it was most likely a yarn store and would be worth a quick visit. On yesterday, our last day, we ate breakfast at a restaurant very close to The Wool Lady and decided to stop in.

There was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the front window; the Christmas parade was planned for yesterday afternoon, so all the merchants were decorated for the holiday season, both inside and out.

At first glance, The Wool Lady has supplies for knitters, rug hookers and embroiderers, but as I looked around I saw things that weavers would buy and probably other crafters, too.

I was intrigued by little brown paper bags with small pieces of folded wool in them; as I looked around, I realized that they were used for appliqued and embroidered wall hangings, such as the one below.

There were richly colored perle cottons, flosses and other embroidery threads....

...and a whole wall of patterns to inspire and get you started on your own wool project!

The hand-dyed yarns at left are just scrumptious and I had to touch them!

The pink is gorgeous, but look at the depth of color in those blues!

Here is Ruth Molina, The Wool Lady, holding a yummy yellow and pink scarf kit that I bought. Ruth said that she works in the shop all day, teaches several classes a week, and then dyes the yarns, fabrics and other items for the store after she gets home at night. WOW -- what a schedule!

If you are heading to Temecula, definitely visit The Wool Lady, located at 28690 Old Town Front Street, Suite 410 (phone 951-699-2900). Ruth even has her cell number (951-609-4817) printed right on the bag where she put my scarf kit, some pretty tissue, raffia ribbon and a pretty decorated old fashioned wooden clothes pin. So if wool is your thing, there is absolutely no excuse not to call her!


  1. So glad you wrote about this shop. I live in Menifee, just a bit north of Temecula, and love to visit The Wool Lady.

  2. I too have been in the store and loved it! Plus the Wool Lady is very nice and helpful in learning new ways to work with wool.

  3. I'll have to visit the next time I'm in town. Thanks for letting us know about such a great shop .

  4. I came all the way from New york City to visit the Wool lady (Ruth Molina). She has everything a punch needle and rug hooking person could want plus more. She is a wonderful teacher and her prices are great!
    Patricia nOvais


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