Monday, December 6, 2010

Quilter's Coop -- Temecula CA

Whenever I'm in Temecula, I have to stop by Quilter's Coop, not only because it's a great store, but because my friend Joann Maxson owns it. So Mikey and I zipped in to see what was new, which shows remarkable forbearance on Mikey's part because she's not a sewer, a quilter, or any other kind of crafter. She puts up with me and my obsessions....

New fabrics are always arriving at the Coop and Joann and her staff are constantly rearranging to show off everything when we quilters visit, looking for fabric and good ideas for how to use it.

Took a picture of the baby project corner, mainly because the Cat in the Hat fabric was new, but then I noticed that the crib wasn't here last time, either....

And a picture of the Christmas corner. I had seen the pattern for the sampler quilt on the wall in a catalogue, but decided to buy it here. Of course, the quilt was much prettier seeing it in person!

These two shots give you an idea of how much fabric is in this store! It is large, spacious and has many, many bolts....
 well as a lot of samples made up.

It was Friday, the day the weekly stitch-in of the Quilts of Valor ladies takes place here at the store. These quilts are made all over the country by groups of quilters and given to American soldiers who have been wounded overseas.

Shame on me for not getting this beautiful lady's name, but don't you just love how she has decorated her sewing machine? If one of you will supply her name, I'll amend the post -- thanks!

At right is Sue Cesa; I took her picture because of the patriotic name tag, but she also makes vintage inspired handcrafted jewelry. She had a few pieces for us to ooo-and-ahhh over....You can see her shop on etsy: click here.

Quilter's Coop is located across the street and down a building from The Wool Lady, making it an easy hop, skip and a jump from one to the other. The Coop's address is 28677 Old Town Front Street (phone: 951-694-3600). To go to their website, click here; to see my last post on this store, click here.

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