Monday, December 13, 2010

Alex Anderson Quilt Retreats 2010 -- Session II Show & Tell (Part 1)

This year I was at each retreat session for just a day; I already knew almost everyone in Session I as most of them have been coming for almost all of the ten years we have been retreating, so there were just a couple of unfamiliar names. But Session II had many people new to me, so I apologize for not having all the names to go with the faces.

If you see yourself here without a name to credit your quilt(s), please add a comment to the blog so that we all know who you are!

Beautiful appliqued quilt from Marilyn....the quilting was awesome on this as well....

I'm trying to remember whether Judy was working on these blocks at the 2009 retreat, but that info's just not surfacing....Judy is one of three sisters who come to the retreat together.

Barbara is another of the three sisters; the one who didn't do show and share this time was Nancy.

The quilting was gorgeous from the back; it shows up pretty well in my photos, don't know about how well you will be able to see it in this smaller format.

This butterfly is on the cover of a book about quilts sewn from wedges that are cut from fabric strata with a wedge ruler. These colors on the dark background really make the quilt pop!

Aren't all of these gorgeous? Part II to come.....

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