Friday, November 12, 2010

A Star Quilt for Alex

I finished up this quilt for Alex Anderson and FedEx'd it off to her last week. It's going to be in a future issue of The Quilt Life, so I can only give you sneak peaks!

Alex absolutely nailed the piecing of these stars -- look at that center! And she did it every single time!

For all of the quilting, I used the pale blue (color #749) Mettler 100% cotton silk finish thread in the bobbin; for the freehand quilting in the stars, I used the blue Sulky rayon, color #2202.

The same thread combination was used for the quilting in the diamond shapes.

Here's a closeup of the freehand quilting in the star blocks.

I used this stencil for quite a bit of the quilting in the interior of the quilt.

All of the marking was done with air soluble marker so that Alex doesn't have to wash the quilt before she has it photographed for the magazine.

This is the stencil used for the border quilting.....

....and this is what it looks like stitched in that pretty blue rayon!

The photography and the paper quality of The Quilt Life magazine are superb, so when this quilt is published, it will be beautimous!!


  1. Oh Paula as always your quilting is beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole quilt. Thanks for the peek! :) -Laura

  2. What a pretty quilt -- your quilting looks superb.


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