Friday, August 19, 2011

Appletree Quilting & Viking Center -- Columbia MO

My last stop on my five state trip was Appletree Quilting & Viking Center, owned by Millie Kaiser. Millie has been a Viking dealer for over 26 years and has a big, beautiful shop in Columbia. I flew into St. Louis MO and Ann Regal, Millie's Viking district manager, picked me up from the airport and we got to know each other during the hour and a half drive to the shop.

I knew that Millie had just added a large classroom space to the shop, but even knowing that, I wasn't prepared for just HOW big! The space includes a kitchen and two bathrooms as well as the spacious classroom that housed 30 people and their sewing machines for my two day Fluff & Stuff class.

The classroom was decorated with Christmas quilts of all sizes and shapes:

But it didn't take me long to find the Halloween fabric!

Had to get some closeups of the cute panels....

I wandered through the store, taking pictures of the fabric and contemplating what might have to go home with me....

I thought the store was very well laid out; as I was walking through, I would be diverted by a display and then drawn into yet another area with goodies to explore...

Next: The animal prints in the front window! If you saw the Africa panel and fabric I bought at Shiisa Quilts last month, you know there was no escape for me......if you didn't see it, click here.


  1. Do you have a photo of your finished Floral Visions quilt? Would love to see it as I am looking for ideas to get mine finished.

  2. I didn't finish mine yet, Terri, but here's a link to the pictures of the one that Dawna embroidered and pieced and I quilted for her. That'll tell you how we finished it up; I plan to do mine the same way:


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