Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nebraska State Guild Quilt Show -- Awards Banquet

The closing banquet took place in the evening on the last day of Quilt Fantastica and included not only great food (I always notice that!) but a wrapup of all the details pertaining to the show. The people who worked on all of the various committees were recognized for all of their hard work -- so much work from so many hands goes into a successful quilt show and Quilt Nebraska was no exception.

The name was drawn for the winner of the beautiful fan quilt that Phyllis Hamaker had donated to the show.

This is the Quilt Nebraska 2011 raffle quilt -- I had wanted to buy tickets, but all of the tickets were sold! So this quilt was a good moneymaker for the guild....

Closeups of the quilt....

...liked the tiny piping worked into the border!

These are the three challenge quilt winners; I got to be one of the judges of this event, along with Sarah Smith and Sue Tilleman -- it was really hard to make choices! We judged on the workmanship as well as who we felt best reflected the theme of "fans". What I love about judging is that we are able to take the time to look past the surface appearance of a quilt and evaluate the work that goes into making it.

Dessert was not included with dinner on the other nights of the show, but there was a hospitality room where there were cookies, chocolates, etc. But on this last night, at each place was either a plate of tiramisu or the above dessert, which I would call a chocolate cake with brownie aspirations, but the server called creme brulee. NOT!

The next morning (Day 21 of 28) I was on my way to Nashville for B2B, the Brother International Back to Business convention where a brand new machine is being introduced!

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