Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Fun & Sometimes Quilty Blog

One of my favorite decorating/lifestyle authors is Alexandra Stoddard, author of "Living a Beautiful Life" and several other wonderful books about bringing elegance and beauty to one's home and life.  I have five or six of her books and every so often will take one off the shelf, read it again and make a couple of changes that make things prettier around here.

The friend that introduced me to this series of books is Dawna Harrison, whose home totally shines as an example of the gracefulness Ms. Stoddard would love to help us attain.  Dawna, with her sister Fay, also owns my local quilt shop, Bolts in the Bathtub, so quilts are often incorporated in Dawna's decor.  At last count, I think she has made about a gazillion in the last 18 years.

Dawna called yesterday afternoon and invited me over for a nice cool glass of iced coffee.  It was 109 degrees here yesterday, so that was a welcome call!  There's my snack (I also stole some cookies off the dining room table) and that's Dawna blogging and hiding from my camera.

So while she was writing, I went to check out the latest table setting:

Of course I LOVE this one -- it's PINK!  Dawna has the table all set for tea with various teacups that she has collected on her travels.

The pretty tea set and pink roses.....

I nosed around for the cake that should be on this plate, but didn't find any......

A few months ago, Dawna decided to start a blog; it's called Stitches from the Tub.  In her blog, she not only covers quilty things, store events and BERNINA happenings, she also has decided to feature a weekly table setting that incorporates some of the lovely dishes and other findings that she has collected.  While we were enjoying our coffee yesterday, she was writing the blog for the tea party. 

I looked at her statistics for visits to her blog and -- wowie zowie -- she has a huge table setting following!  She was featured as an outstanding blogger on another table setting blog and has lots of people looking at it.  Of course, I'll keep tuning in to find out all the latest and greatest happenings at "my" quilt shop, but all that prettiness just waiting for guests to show to see that, too!

To see Dawna's blog, Stitches from the Tub, you can click on the link above or click here.


  1. Oh my Goodness Paula, how am I ever going to live up to this? I love how as my friend you ignore the parts of the house that are a mess when you visit and only see the lovely parts. Love ya, Dawna

  2. I am in love....with all things pink, quilty, tea party, roses and..and..lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet friend with us all! (Would love to see that darling table cover in its entirety, though!?!) Am off to check out Dawna's place now.....Hugs....and lovin' the mag.!, Doreen


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