Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Traveling and Teaching in Texas (Say That Three Times Fast!)

Ed Skulski, the District Manager for Brother International for the state of Texas, keeps me pretty busy.  I've already been to some of his dealers and have others on my calendar.  What was neat at convention was that I was able to meet some of the dealers that I'm going to visit:

These Texas ladies are so friendly and have such beautiful smiles!  This is Jeannie Plant from Richland Sewing Center in Hurst TX.  I'll be visiting her store pretty quick now -- the 4th through 6th of September!  Boy, does time sneak up on me sometimes!  My friend Dawna says that's all part of the aging process -- thanks, Dawna!!!

Again, those wonderful smiles!  On the left is Judy with Ace Sewing in Wichita Falls TX and on the right, Debbie Weigenant from Denton Sewing in Denton TX.  I'll be visiting both stores in October -- Wichita Falls on the 23rd and 24th; Denton on the 25th and 26th.  So if you are in that Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to take some workshops, come on down!

Then on to Houston for Quilt Market and Festival!  A lot of people don't know that Brother has a classroom full of sewing machines called the "drop-in room" that is available to you during Quilt Festival.  The room is staffed by people who most likely have answers to your quilting and sewing questions as well as machines available if you want to take a break from seeing all the quilts and vendors and just sit down and do a bit of sewing. 

This year I will also be there to answer your quilting questions, so if you are planning to attend Festival, make a list, drop in and see if we can figure out some answers for you!  The only caveat I have here is that I'm a quilter, not a sewist, so don't ask me about zippers or buttonholes -- however, there will be people in the room that can answer those questions, too!

See you during one of my stops in Texas?

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  1. My Texas dealers are really looking forward to your visit, Paula. Judy Reams at Ace Sewing in Wichita Falls; Debbie Weigenant at Denton Sewing and Jeannie Plant at Richland Sewing in Hurst are sewing up some fantastic bargains on brand new machines for all who attend your events!


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