Friday, August 31, 2012

The V-Sonic Pen Pal

During convention, I simply called this the "cool pen" because there were so many cool things you could do with it.  But I have looked up the official name and it is the V-Sonic Pen Pal.  I should really remember that in case somebody asks....
It has a holder attached to the right side of the machine so that you can get to it easily and not keep dropping it.  I've never been a stylus person; I've used my finger on every touch screen machine that I've sewn on (except for Terry W.'s since she insists that I use the stylus).  However, I have found over the past few weeks that there are some functions that are much easier with the use of the pen.

To give you an idea of the size of the pen, here it is in my hand

This is my main Dreamweaver screen; I have the pen pointing at the V-Sonic Pen Pal icon.  If I touch that icon, another screen comes up that shows me the functions available while using the pen.

The first choice looks familiar; that's the icon for the laser light.

Touching the icon with the pen.....

The pen can then be used on the stitch plate of the machine to move the laser light to any position available.

This is what the laser light looks like when I first touched that icon; now I have the opportunity to move it using the pen.

I'm going to piece today and, as explained in prior posts, I like the laser set at 10.5 for piecing so that I can use the laser to make sure that I am feeding the fabric straight up to the inner toe of the "J" foot.  All I have to do is touch the pen to the stitch plate in front of that presser foot inner toe and the light will move overIt's fun to watch!  I know -- technology geek here!

After I remove the pen, the laser light stays right where I put it -- all set up for a day of piecing!

There are a few other fun things I can do with this pen.... still exploring!

Brother has provided me with the DreamWeaverTM XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.....


  1. Hi Paula, I just got my new Brother VQ3000 and really appreciate you mini tutorials on your Blog. Do you have any other videos or tutorials that I am missing? I also just started a Yahoo group for this series of machines. Brother DreamWeavers. Thank you for any info. I also loved your Cindy Needham projects! Beautiful quilting.


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