Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Fun with Craftsy and Something I Haven't Seen in a LONG Time!

Day 2 of our class shoot went very well and the time just flew by. My producer JC and camera people Rob and Dana are just awesome to work with and so good at their jobs. One of the best outcomes is being able to brainstorm with them and coming up with new ways to present my teaching material. Their questions and suggestions have encouraged me to examine the way I say things and we've come up with some great ideas!

And look! Look! Look! Rain! You probably all know that California is in a severe drought condition, nowhere more so than the desert area where I live. It rained SO hard and I wanted to go out and run in it, but the hair and makeup person probably would not have looked kindly on this sort of behavior on my part. This was taken looking out the glass door of the Craftsy studio.

Tomorrow's our last day; just a couple of sections to go and I'm on my way back home to sunny, dry California.....

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