Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Exactly Am I in Denver, You Ask?

After posting a couple of locally colorful photos of downtown Denver on Facebook yesterday, several people e-mailed, texted or called to ask what I was doing there -- was I teaching for a guild? A quilt shop? A sewing machine dealer? I was being a little secretive about this trip instead of coming right out and saying what I was doing.

Well, I'm here taping a class for Craftsy! This was my first of three days of the shoot and it is going very well. The Craftsy people are knowledgeable, easy to work with and fun! I can't ask for more than that....

So after the day's work, I changed to sneakers, ate some lobster and shrimp enchiladas (YUM!) at Rock Bottom Brewery and then walked the 15 block promenade up down and all around in a big oval.

I took some photos of the promenade while I was walking around:

This one was taken about 7:40pm, still pretty light outside but cloudy. The temperature was perfect for walking.

Then as it started to get darker all the lights went on down the whole 15 block length of the promenade. It's really pretty!

Now I'll get a good night's sleep and have lots of energy for Day 2 of my Craftsy class shoot!

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