Monday, July 21, 2014

We'll Probably Never See This Again!

I needed some pictures of my sewing setup and table placement for Craftsy, so I had to clean everything off to take the pictures. You don't even want to know what the rest of the room looks like! The above is how I set it up when I want to do large quilts --- need a lot of empty space so those quilts bank up against the walls as I sew them.

Looks like this when I get a big quilt coming through....

For smaller quilts, I condense the space so that the quilt doesn't lay out flat; I still want it "bunching up" against my barriers, the pretty boxes and the hard cover to my sewing machine.

This is what that setup looks like in use with a lap size quilt.

So now everything is all neat and pretty -- any bets on how long it will stay that way?

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Location:Palmdale CA


  1. These are definitely not what your studio normally looks like. But, it was a lovely visit to fantasyland. I'm sure Tinkerbell is hiding there somewhere.


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