Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gave the Girls Their Quilts!

Dan and I invited the girls and their mom to dinner Thursday night and it was a perfect opportunity to give them the quilts I have been working on:

I arranged them on "their" bed in our guest room and put a fun road sign on each quilt to eliminate any possible confusion about which was whose (not that they would ever argue about that or anything.....) I'm always looking for ornaments and things with their names on them and found the signs at the Tech Museum in San Jose last weekend.

They were pretty excited about getting the new quilts!

Sammie's cuddled up with a book in hers and we have a Lauren Burrito on the floor in the family room.

So later we're all eating ice cream -- well, Sammie was eating ice cream, looks like Lauren face planted in hers!

I was going to tell them why I decided to make them the quilts, but when I asked them "Do you know why I made these quilts for you?" Lauren answered "Because you love us!" I guess that says it all!

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