Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kids Learning to Sew -- a Xmas Table Runner

Sammie and Lauren stayed over last night and they made some really good progress on their first sewing machine project!

I got out a roll of Steam a Seam and they cut out and fused the six trees onto the background. Using scraps and my Brother 6200, they both practiced applique with a small zigzag stitch. Lauren stitched a few scraps and then announced that she was going to do her three trees with a needle and thread instead of the machine. Sammie kept at it, practicing until she felt that she was ready to go to the table runner.

End result: Lauren hand stitched one tree, the top one above. Sammie machine appliqued the remaining five trees last night before shower and bed. Let's keep in mind that Sammie is the more patient of the two as well as the older by 18 months.

This morning, we marked a diagonal grid in the center area of the quilt and I taught Sammie how to do the straight stitching using the MuVit foot (the walking foot for this machine model). And she got all of that done in a couple of hours this morning! Lauren really didn't like machine stitching all that much, but Sammie took to it like the proverbial duck to water.

Promised them that next visit we'll do the free motion quilting on and around the trees! I think that Lauren might like that better -- it's faster!

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