Saturday, August 23, 2014

Have You Tried Delicata Squash?

Every so often, Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer shows up in our mailbox. It's a newspaper style booklet hilariously reviewing the products of the season, what new just came in, etc. It is so fun to read that I pretty much read it cover to cover regardless of whether I would really eat/drink that particular item. It's that funny! Those guys have really fun jobs!

One of the items this time was about Delicata squash, so I added it to the cart along with my grass fed ground beef, bison pattys, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and such. Hadn't tried Delicata, so I got three -- one to cook tonight and a couple to experiment with later in a different recipe.

The writeup said that the skin was thin and edible. Unlike butternut and acorn squashes where you need a hacksaw to cut them in half. I halved this one lengthwise with my large chef's knife and then cut each half into 1/4" slices. We quilters know our 1/4", don't we?

After I sliced them all up, I added some olive oil and a few grinds of Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning, a blend of salt, pepper, garlic and spices that seems to make its way into a lot of the dishes in my kitchen. Tossed it all together and dumped it onto a large cookie sheet, separating the slices and spreading them out a little bit.

Then the squash baked at 450 degrees for about 18 minutes; I tossed it about halfway through to redistribute the olive oil.

Aidelle's Chicken and Apple Sausages from Costco were on the second cookie sheet. The squash was already in the oven when I opened the package of sausages, so they probably baked for about 12 minutes and I turned the contents of both sheets at the same time.

The squash came out yummy and golden brown, with a milder taste than either acorn or butternut and, yes, the skin is edible. I will definitely make this again! And Dan was just poking around in the leftovers and informed me that it tastes good cold; that means I can keep cooked delicata on hand for my post-workout carbs. Wonder how long the season is for these -- does anybody know?

I found a recipe for delicata squash soup on one of my favorite paleo food blogs, A Girl Worth Saving -- Paleo cooking from the heart with Kelly Bejelly. This is one of the blogs that I get on the Bloglovin feed, which is the most efficient way to follow all of the blogs that you want to, including this one, without having your inbox clogged up! I get one e-mail a day, with the latest posts from all of the blogs I follow -- love this!

Non-teaching weekends are made for cooking -- tomorrow I'll make the soup!

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