Monday, September 1, 2014

Don't You Just Love a Long Weekend?

Dan and I took our long-time friend Mikey out for dinner in Pasadena Saturday night. We went to the Derby, a restaurant with an old-time steakhouse vibe and delicious food. We were on the road back to Palmdale about 7:45 and saw some beautiful colors in the sunset as we headed west. Couldn't help grabbing the iPhone and getting some pics...

Then this morning we drove to San Diego (this must have been our "See Southern California" weekend) to have breakfast with our goddaughter Destiny and her boyfriend Nick.

I don't know why, but I just love this bridge just north of Escondido on the 15 freeway. Thought this was probably as good a photo as I was ever going to get.

I'm home for a few days, leaving Thursday to teach my two day Fluff & Stuff class at Sunshine Stitches in Omaha NE. Looking forward to getting back into the teaching groove!

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Location:Palmdale CA

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  1. That's so funny about that bridge...everyone in my guild who goes to our semi-annual retreat drives under it, and all know it. I think everyone loves it! Isn't it nice to have something functional look so nice?
    p.s. I believe the bridge has a twin in Sorrento Valley (farther south) over the 805.


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