Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just Took an Amazing Craftsy Class from Angela Walters

When I first started talking with the Craftsy team about becoming an instructor for one of their classes, one of the perks that really piqued my interest was that once my class went live, I could take any of their available classes for free. Access to their whole library -- baking, cooking, quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, photography, etc. -- all mine to learn!

So yesterday I downloaded Angela Walter's class, Machine Quilting Negative Space. I have been a big admirer of the modern quilt movement and love so many of the quilt designs, but have been wondering "If I made one of these, how the heck would I quilt it?" I've seen some great examples, some of which are only quilted with straight lines, and they're pretty stunning to look at. When I saw Angela's class, I had to put my student's cap on and give it a try.

She walks you through sketching and stitching free motion designs and I love that she doesn't worry if the work isn't precise. As I always tell my free motion classes, "If it has to be precise, buy a stencil!" Angela says if it's not precise, just don't stress over it.

This is a quilt that I started in a Cindy Needham "Linen Ladies" class:

There is a great deal of negative space and I was looking for more ideas on how to fill it up with interesting background designs. I wanted it to be a combination of different stitching options, blending into each other as I progressed around the quilt. Fabric used is Radiance (50% silk, 50% cotton) by Robert Kaufman, batting is Quilters Dream Wool, thread is Kimono Silk by Superior.

What I've learned from Machine Quilting Negative Space will definitely help me with this quilt. If you are thinking of quilting one of the modern style quilts or just want to go further with unmarked free motion quilting, here's the link to Angela's class:

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  1. I love Angela Walters! She is a fantastic quilter and an all around great person. I lover her craftsy classes, her books, and her quilting philosophy. You two are my favorites!

    1. YAY -- thank you! My head is just spinning with ideas from her class -- can't wait to take more of hers!


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