Sunday, September 14, 2014

Starting a New Quilt!

Destiny spent a couple of days with us this past week and one of the things she wanted to do, besides hugging Dan, was to buy more fabric for the quilt she wants to make to cover her California King bed. So off to Bolts in the Bathtub, my local quilt shop!

Once we got home, we went straight to my sewing room so I could show her how to cut her fabric for the Turning Twenties quilt that she had decided on. I showed her the first one and offered to lend her my rulers and such that she would need to cut the rest at home....

...but then she decided to cut the rest while she was here -- all done! She has her Bernina 153 at home and thinks she'll do a little sewing after work some evenings. I warned her -- such is a quilting obsession born!

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Location:Palmdale CA


  1. And who doesn't want to hug Dan. I have a Turning Twenties quilt that I need to get quilted. It's a king.

    1. From what we've talked about, I think she's planning to quilt it herself. I can lend her a machine with a bigger arm so she'll have an easier time of it.

  2. Awww! Dan is looking very nice in picture, and who doesn't want to hug Dan. I'm very glad to see this post here. Thanks for sharing.


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