Friday, May 8, 2015

Northwest Sewing Center, Austin TX

Two years ago, I taught my two day Fluff & Stuff class at Northwest Sewing Center.  When I arrived, I was very sick with an acute bronchitis attack; nothing contagious, but I was coughing a lot and generally pretty miserable.  One of my students, Marion, hopped out during break, went to Whole Foods and bought me a bottle of homeopathic Lung Support.  Helped immensely in my recovery and my doctor said that it probably was the main reason I didn't have any scarring from all of that coughing!

So when I arrived at Northwest to do my lecture tonight, I was very excited to see the person who literally saved my life -- Marion!

Here we are, standing in front of a couple of my quilts.

She deserves a HUGE hug, don't you think??


Then my roving bat eye saw a card embroidered by Joanne, who gets to work and play here -- and she gave it to me!  It is so darn cute!!

Isn't this adorable? With my company name (Batts in the Attic) I can be in a Halloween frame of mind all the time!


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