Saturday, May 30, 2015

Quilt Market - Part 2

I kept seeing women wandering around Market in these very cool long ruffly skirts and finally one of them came close enough to my booth for me to begin to waylay (i.e., grab!) her and then realize it was Sheila McKay, who I always see at fall Market in Houston.  She and her daughter are regular patrons of the Brother drop-in sewing room, a fun room with lots of Brother sewing machines that people can come in and use.

I have a couple of maxi skirts made from this ruffle fabric that my friend Rhonda Lopez of Nuttall's Fabric Centers in Salt Lake has made for me, but the ruffles on my skirts run vertically rather than being seamed interestingly like this.  I also like the short pencil skirt version; individual patterns are available, each with a single skirt style, as well as the combo pattern with all of them.  These are available in two versions: women's and children's sizes.  So I ran over to the booth -- pretty much literally, it was way across the convention center floor -- looked at all the patterns and bought the one with all the styles.

Ran into a bunch of Generation Q Magazine folks: Jake Finch, publisher;  Melissa Maher, editor in chief; Tracey Mooney, who takes care of people who write for the magazine.  I've advertised with the magazine starting with the very first issue; Melissa reminded me that I had a deadline coming up to advertise my new DVD that will be out really, really soon!  Yikes!

YAY!  A Haunted House laser cut fabric kit from Westfield Laser Designs!  I loved this when I saw it at VDTA and they were so nice to bring me one here at Spring Market!  Thank you!!!

Shannon Fabrics makes these really cuddly soft fabrics that quilters are loving to put on the back of their quilts, particularly for babies and children.  This is a fun great big tote bag to cart around lot of things, including the Supreme Slider that you will probably want to buy for your sewing machine to help you quilt these fabrics.

I have more goodies to share from Quilt Market, so check back soon!

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