Wednesday, September 7, 2016

16,000 is a Very Big Number!

Congrats to Maddie Kertay and the BadAss Quilters Society on achieving a goal of 16,000 followers – and counting (quickly!!).  Maddie works very hard at her blog and her Facebook page to voice her thoughts about quilting, quilt shop ownership and life in general.  Love her thought provoking posts on the diversity of quiltmakers and how men are often dissed when they walk into a quilt store.  She had a hilarious post a few weeks ago about how some customers behave while fabric/pattern/notions shopping – I know some of you believe this stuff never happens, but it really does!  From a quilt shop owner’s point of view, she has gone into some finer points of how to serve quilters better and attract more business to the store.  Her ability to shoot from the hip and say things exactly as they are can be funny, but is always truthful – this is life at its BadAss Best!

So – are you BadAss?  To go to the Facebook page and see if this is something you would like to follow, click here!

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