Saturday, September 24, 2016

Presents Quilt. Just in time for... anything!!

I was browsing other people’s blogs this last week and noticed that quite a few of them were doing WIP Wednesdays… I always have a million projects going at the same time, but once in a while pick a partially completed one to work on.  Unfortunately, I also have a really bad predilection to start something new instead!  While looking for the scraps for one quilt to start piecing the backing, I stumbled over a layer cake that I had purchased earlier this year – all of the fabrics are chocolate themed!  I also recalled a video from Missouri Star Quilt Company that called for a layer cake or four charm square packs to make a quilt where each block looked like a wrapped present with a bow on top – how cool that would be with these chocolate fabrics!  Jenny made hers with Christmas fabric and it’s really pretty, too!

Here’s the pic of the fabrics I will most likely use, the layer cake and a treasure chest of pink fabrics that some awesome Alex Anderson retreaters gave me for my birthday a few years ago.  I’ve been taking little bits of this and that out of the chest for a long time and this may be another foray into the goodies inside!  I also have some pink sparkly fabric – of course I do! – and that may work its way in there as well.  The directions call for 4 half yard cuts for the ribbons and bows and 2-1/2 yards sashing, which looks like it is mainly 2-1/2” wide, so perfect for a precut bundle.  I have one called “White Out” from Wilmington Prints that I purchased at Nuttall's Sewing Centers in Riverton, Utah when I was teaching there last May, but – darn it! – there are only 24 strips, so I need a second one.  And then to pick the pinks… where the heck is that pink glittery fabric?  I know it’s here somewhere!

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