Thursday, September 22, 2016

Am I Coming To A City Near You?

A lot of quilt teachers book two or three years out, but I tend to book a season at a time.  The last puzzle piece just fell into my October-December 2016 schedule, so I’m totally full and am now starting to book January-June (and even a little September!!) 2017.  The classes are a good mix of topics, but since I’ve started teaching the Westalee/Sew Steady ruler work, that has really become a big player in my schedule.  I’ve already taught several ruler classes this year and have eight more days to go, mostly my basic class, but a couple of Ruler Play 2 days are in the mix.  These are really fun classes and I think of something new to demonstrate with the rulers every time I teach them.  One class I did in July seemed so inspirational; some of the students were coming up with new designs and I’d come up with one and then run to the machine to stitch it out – basically, doing impromptu demos as well as the planned ones.  One of the ladies said in her evaluation that I “didn’t seem well prepared.  She sure winged it a lot!”.  It was trying all the new things that made the class a hit for everybody else, furthering their knowledge of various uses for the rulers, not just the ones pictured in the leaflet or demonstrated by me.

Here is a pic of my sample for Ruler Play:

And here’s Ruler Play 2 (I really need to get around to binding this….):

Here’s a link to my busy busy schedule – hope I’ll be seeing you somewhere in my travels!


  1. Gourgeous quilting - you don't happen to travel in Finland anytime soon ;)

    1. I would LOVE to come to Finland!!!! Get your local quilt shop to contact me!!


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