Monday, October 2, 2017

Got Some New Quilt Mags In

New magazines into the Batt Lair today -- the two Quiltcon issues and Modern Patchwork were purchased directly from an email sale sent by the publisher. I found Curated Quilts on one of the blogs I read (I probably get 50 of them in my daily Bloglovin feed). It was more expensive, but the photography is beautiful and it is printed on high quality paper. This is Issue 01 and I ordered just the single issue to see if I liked it before subscribing. Only glanced through it, but as a surface impression, probably will.
Realized that I hadn't included the finished top and back photos of the Paper Pinwheels quilt, so above is the top...
...and here's the back. They are a little bit larger than the floor space, but you can get a pretty good idea of how they are going to look. Used the leftovers pretty effectively; have just a few small squares of the comic fabric left, none of the main low volume backing and, after making the turquoise grunge binding, put 47" of that back on the shelf for another day.
Keeping on with the dailies -- here are this morning's two Circuit blocks and the one Matrix block pieced through the current step. That makes two of them, although we don't expect leader/enders to be speedy, do we?

Do you make leader/ender quilts? What are your criteria? Still figuring out mine and could use help!

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