Thursday, September 28, 2017

National Coffee Day?

Hearing that Friday is National Coffee Day reminds me of my favorite teeshirt! There must be a Starbucks run sometime tomorrow for those of us who choose to observe this holiday!

Continuing on with the circuit blocks as my block of the day...
...then pressed the one semi-completed Matrix block from yesterday.

Today I finished the comic book border on the pinwheels quilt, got the back pieced and made the binding from the turquoise grunge fabric.
Here's part of the back -- I like piecing scraps into a quilt back; it's kind of like putting a puzzle together.
I was in the hair salon today and my friend Tina Neal, manicurist extraordinaire, showed me the wreath she made from ribbons and things she bought at the dollar store and attached to a frame from Hobby Lobby. This is so cute! Tina's already planning wreaths for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Just Cuz.

She thought I should make some, too -- I can just imagine the look on Dan's face if I come home with crafting supplies! LOL!

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