Sunday, September 17, 2017

Organizing Goals?

Funny what can happen while you're getting your hair done -- I was at Montage with Krista Victory styling my hair when we started discussing planners and the best ones out there to control a busy life. Krista had bought a pack of planners and was using two out of the three, so she gave me the mid size one, which turns out to be perfect!

So this is the part where I put in appointments, the never ending To Do list and log my activities for the day.

I found this free printable on and use it to keep track of what I'm trying to do on a weekly basis. (I'll be willing to bet that my fabulous assistant, Monica, wishes I were using a "Blogging This Week" form -- go ahead, Monica, and design one!) It prints out at 8-1/2"x11" and my planner is 9"x7", so I took it to Staples and printed out a bunch at 84% (which I found out from planner bloggers is the "magic" numnber), punched them and inserted them right into each week of my planner. I've been using it for three weeks now and just noticed the column "Organizing Goals for the Week" -- really? When I'm traveling, I'm one of the most organized people ever, but at home?

Then I started thinking about all of my works in progress and how they are stored in various places in the house, garage, etc. Maybe I should do a binder that logs all this?

Another Staples run, a trip to Etsy to find a Project Planner form that I liked, and maybe I'll get some of this mess under control! A friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless, told me she has 114 unfinished projects. When she said that, I knew I needed to corral mine -- I have no idea how many UFOs I have. Living in southern California, I tend to piece and design during the summer when it's hot and quilt when the weather cools down, usually around Halloween, until it heats up again around Easter. So right now I'm in piecing mode, filling out a Project Planner form for everything I touch, and filing it according to the stage it is in.

How do you organize your UFO's? Or are you one of these people that starts a project and follows it right through until you're finished? Any good ideas to incorporate into my system? I need help here!


  1. Working on this myself. Determined not to do the New Year thing. Want to finish this year with a smile and peaceably glide into next year. Could't find that printable though. Guess I'll go visit ETSY and try.

  2. The A Quilting Life pdf link is here:
    The project planner was an Etsy purchase
    Hope this helps!


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