Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Looks Like a Cyclone Occurred!

That's probably a big exaggeration -- I totally cleared off the work tables so Destiny would have room for her king size quilt and she moved right in. Her Turning 20 quilt finished at 101"x113".
She bought some of the fabric from Spoonflower; these panels represent her favorite things in some of the video games she likes, so she put them in a strip for the back of the quilt and surrounded them with leftover fabric.
Destiny still has quite a bit of fabric left, so I taught her how to make pillowcases yesterday. I had some Paris themed fabric on hand for a pillowcase that I was going to make for her, put away and forgot about.
So she took a break from back building and made this very French pillowcase -- great job!
While she was doing that, I made more blocks of the day....
...and then put the turquoise inner border on the pinwheels quilt. Wasn't home much yesterday in that I drove to Pasadena to have lunch with a friend and then had an appointment with the doctor who did my foot surgery. Got the all clear to go back to nornal activity -- hooray for that!
Today's plan is to get the superheroes border on and think about what to do for the back.

Have a happy quilty day!

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  1. Those are from Portal, I love that game! What an awesome quilt!!


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