Thursday, September 21, 2017

Changed My Mind

I know -- that never happens to you, right? You decide to work on one project and then somehow your head gets turned by something else?

Finished the last block in the minions quilt and temporarily set them aside since my floor is still covered with my main focus of the day quilt that I'm making for Rhonda. Had picked Pixellations to work on as my next block of the day project and then started thinking about ordering the two white fabrics in the line -- what if they don't match the two 1/4 yard cuts I already have? Then I wouldn't be terribly happy about getting started now.

So I picked this quilt as my Block of the Day, the very first thing I make when I go to the sewing room. These blocks are so easy, I'm going to do two instead of one.

I saw this quilt made up in Halloween fabrics at my local quilt store, Bolts in the Bathtub, so I bought the book, a Halloween jelly roll and some cream polka dots for the background

Made a couple of blocks this morning, then trimmed down the blocks produced yesterday with my leader/ender method. This is only the second L/E quilt I've pieced, but I've figured out some rules.

One of those rules is that the stitching can be done with any of the five thread colors that I normally use for piecing. It wouldn't be a very good leader/ender quilt if you had to keep changing thread! I would think that would totally defeat the purpose! Another rule is that the quilt should be fairly simple and not take a lot of pinning, etc. The first one I did was perfect for that, just a bunch of squares...


And above is the layout of Rhonda's quilt and what I got done yesterday. This is slower than a lot of the piecing I do, so all I got done all afternoon was the top sashing unit and getting it sewn on to that top row. I just finished piecing the three long sashings that make up the unit that goes between rows 1 and 2, so now have to piece them together to make that unit and then sew them to the bottom of row 1 and the top of row 2. Would love to get that done today, but it's already close to 3:30, so......

Back to the machine!

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