Friday, September 22, 2017

First Day of Fall

Yay! I am SO ready for fall! Not a hot weather girl and living in the southern California high desert area I'm usually ready for fall by mid-June. We've had exceptionally warm weather all summer long, but yesterday the high was 67 and it even rained a little -- special treat!

It was chilly this morning so when Dan got up at 5 he threw this leaf quilt on the bed so I wouldn't wake up cold. He's totally a keeper!

Got into the sewing room around 8 and started the blocks of the day....

Two more finished!

Then started pressing and trimming yesterday's leader/ender blocks.

Now that I'm close to being done with this step, I realized the cutting would be a whole lot easier with the rotating mat. I have the 12" and am considering investing in the 17". I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as it is truly an investment.

Pressing and trimming done...then Dan wandered upstairs and declared today a Scone Day! Gave him the choices of lemon ginger, pumpkin spice and mixed berry; he decided today felt like a very berry day.

The dish to celebrate the change of seasons is from Longaberger pottery collection.

Next up, pressing the three sashing strips to make up the next row of the quilt I'm making for Rhonda.

I did have time yesterday to get the sashing strip unit made and attached to the top of the second row. My goal for today is to piece and attach the next two strip units and sew half the quilt together. I know, I'm getting ambitious!

Again, thoughts on the 17" rotating mat -- do you use yours enough to make it worth the $?

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