Wednesday, September 20, 2017

October 7-8, Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show

Fun home sewing time is almost over! My next trip is to the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show, held at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie NY. I'll be demonstrating the Westalee rulers in the Sew and Vac booth; love this kind of demo because I get to meet and talk with a lot of people during the two days.

Two things make this a trip I'm especially looking forward to: 1) My lovely and talented friend Teri Lucas will be there sharing her free motion quilting magic, and 2) It's fall! Leaves should be glorious in upstate New York, right?

Teri and I first met as teachers at an AQS show in Knoxville several years ago. I love her work, her dedication to our craft and her snarky sense of humor. You can check out her blog HERE!

Yesterday, I made the 11th of 12 minion blocks, just one to go!

Then pressed and trimmed the blocks for the latest leader/ender quilt. This quilt may be a little complex to use as a L/E, but this is only my second one, so sort of learning as I go here.

Got to work on the main focus of the day; rows are sewn together, although I still need a few more pieced sashings for the ends of some of these rows. My latest calculations reveal that I have to piece approximately 72,605 plus signs to finish this quilt. And did I mention they're not quick to piece? I was planning to give this quilt to Rhonda for her birthday; well, that was in thinking about Christmas.

Cleaned up all the black fuzz and thread bits and changed to my favorite light colored piecing thread, Mettler Silk Finish 100% cotton 60 weight thread in color 3000, a versatile off-white. Then I played with scraps from Paper Pinwheels to start piecing the back. Still haven't decided on border widths for the quilt yet, though.

Today is a "no appointments, no plans" day, so off to the sewing room I go!



    I'm so excited to see you and the demo with the Westalee Ruler Foot.


    1. I'll be demonstrating in the Sew & Vac booth and sewing on a Viking Epic, so look for me there!


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