Monday, September 25, 2017

Sew Sampler and a Giveaway!

First a catchup with what got done this weekend:

Four blocks of the day -- this is going really fast!

Look at the cute selvage on one of the prints...

And -- ta da!! -- ready for borders!
To make the weekend even better, the September Sew Sampler box came.

Even the inside of the empty box is fun!
Inside -- a charm pack and a pattern for a table runner that works with it. I cut a yard of a white print and gave these to my goddaughter Destiny. She just got a new Brother machine and needs a project to go with it.
Then there was a storage tin and a Pop Socket for my phone -- of course, Destiny put it on for me since I couldn't decide where I wanted it. I am greatful for this smart young person in my life to guide me through the techno maze.

And the giveaway!

This Matchbox Quilt kit has bright yellow and white fabric, batting and floss to make a 6" square mini quilt. It's a beautiful shade of yellow that always makes me think of kitchens and sunrooms. You could use it for a potholder, a trivet or frame it to hang on the wall.

Want it? Leave a comment about the color yellow. Love it? Hate it? Use it in your quilts? We'll pick a winner October 15!

Good luck!


  1. Yellow always makes me think of sunshine! Who doesn't love sunshine? Yellow isn't my favorite color, but it finds its way into many of my sewing projects to add a little zippy happiness here and there! I'd make a sweet pot holder with this kit.

  2. I love the color yellow in quilts especially with bright white. It's so cheery and reminds me of sunshine.

  3. Not crazy about yellow, but it can add sparkle when used in moderation.

  4. I love all colors when it comes to putting them in a quilt- bright pop of yellow? - nothing better! Thank you, Susan

  5. Love your post!Yellow is special and a real Brightener to our quilt blocks!Thank You for a sweet giveaway!

  6. Yellow makes me happy but I don't use it enough in my quilts.... Not sure why.

    1. I use it a lot -- I'm especially enjoying the yellow/grey trend that's been around for a few seasons now.

  7. Yellow can make your scrappy quilts pop kinda like orange can too..I love bold colors...

  8. I love those sew sampler boxes too!!! so much goodness in one tiny little box! I love yellow - makes me happy when I see it in a quilt!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Cool blocks! The Sew Sampler boxes are very cool! Neat pattern! Enjoy your day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  10. Yellow YES! So much like our needed and loved sun each day for health and spirit! Thank you Paula.
    I'm also making that same Circuit quilt block of the Fat Quarter shops book "Fat Quarter Style" Indeed it's a fast one.


  11. I love the yellow. Just what I'm looking for at the moment for my new kitchen

  12. I love them all!!! Yellow is a happy color though and makes me want to spread sunshine..


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