Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cloth Shop -- Vancouver BC

What would a vacation be if there wasn't at least one quilt shop on the route? Our friend Kern gave us the address and directions to The Cloth Shop in the West End area of Vancouver, so Friday afternoon Dan and I hopped in the rental car and went off on an adventure to find it. Kern had given us pretty good directions, though, because we recognized all the landmarks and got there in less time than planned.

Dan pointed out this quilt to me almost immediately after walking into the store. He really notices and likes any quilt that has a lot of points and intricacy to it; maybe it appeals to the mechanical side of his nature? This quilt is called "Desert Sky" and is a class offered by the shop this month.

The Cloth Shop is also a Bernina dealer; I thought I had remembered meeting shop owners from Vancouver when I was at Bernina University last year, but I didn't recognize anyone working in the store on the day we were there.

Lots of fabrics to explore with many samples displayed on the walls and draped over furniture -- it's a cozy inviting atmosphere to poke around and find something new for your next project!

Not to mention a generous amount of pink sprinkled throughout!

I liked this butterfly applique quilt so much that I bought the pattern, Madame Butterfly, from Bella Moon. Bella Moon quilts are designed, published and sold by the owner of this shop.

If you are headed up to the western coast of our northern neighbor, The Cloth Shop is well worth a visit. It is located at 4415 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver BC (ph: 604-224-1325). To go to their website, click here. The website features fabric kits and clubs as well as patterns for aprons and other non-quilty things.

On our drive back toward downtown, we caught this glimpse of fall color growing up the side of a building.....

...and Vancouver City Hall.....

...and a breathtaking view of downtown from the beginning of the Cambie Bridge.

Saturday and Sunday -- wine tasting!

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