Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quilting Tips & Tricks --- An Online Quilting Course

A lot of the quilts I'm going to make are in the stage you see above: fabric, ready to be cut and sewn into the wonderful quilts dancing in my head. My hope is that you are way beyond that and you actually have quilt tops ready to be quilted. You may have decided to quilt them yourself, but want to know how to get started.

I get questions all the time about the batting I like, how to pin, how to move the quilt through the machine, etc. Most of these questions would require too long an answer to stick in an e-mail. My answer to these questions is to send a link to the Tips & Tricks section of my website. There are a lot of answers there, so if you are stuck on a particular question about quilting or if you just want another opinion, this might be a good place to check out. Many people have e-mailed me back and said it's like getting a machine quilting course online.

You can read them, print them out and they are absolutely free! To access the Tips & Tricks, click here.

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