Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cozy Quilt Shop -- El Cajon CA

I already showed you what I bought on my San Diego trip earlier this month, but here is some of what I taught, saw, loved and took pictures of:

Small class at Cozy Quilt Shop; we only had 5 people in my Trapunto by Machine class -- they worked hard and did fabulous work! Cozy has a large, beautiful classroom with a lot of colorful inspiration hanging on the walls. By "large", I mean that we had 20 people in here with sewing machines and supplies the last time I taught, so it is spacious....

Everybody was working on an 18" square piece; I liked the way this lady framed her feather wreath with an octogon of stippling.

Here's a closeup of her stippling; she got very close to the feathers to pop out the trapunto.

On the wall of the classroom was this Christmas quilt, which is an embroidery block of the month. Wish my local shop would do this! Have to put a bug in Dawna's ear....

Another upcoming class, this one called "Crepe Paper Poppies" taught by Janice Ellertson.

This stunning quilt is hanging over the register -- WOW!

It's also on the cover of the book written by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover. Both authors work and teach at Cozy Quilt Shop. It's awesome that Daniella Stout, who owns Cozy, has such talented employees!

This was a quilt on display that was constructed using Sharyn Craig's cutting corners ruler. The pattern is "Twin Peaks", which is the second of Sharyn's Joy of Sets series.

Stripes and polka dots -- what's not to love???

This is another quilt made with the same exact pattern. The sampler blocks accented by alternate blocks in machine embroidery make it look completely different. That's why I love all of Sharyn's books and patterns on how to set blocks once you have made them. Choosing a schematic to set your blocks makes all the difference in the world and helps to distinguish your quilt from everyone else's after you have taken a sampler class. It's also a way to make a quilt larger if you don't want to make more blocks.

Closeup of the piecing: The thread colors in the embroidery perfectly complement the fabrics. A neat idea for making a sampler quilt unique and also making it larger than it would have been with, for instance, a plain sashed setting.

A lot of eye candy here.....can't wait to start the Strip Club project that I bought!

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  1. That trapunto is so gorgeous and is a perfect fit with Leah Day's current exercise for those of us who choose to follow along. That is one awesome shop/class area! Sounds like it was a great class with high enthusiasm levels!!! Hugs, Doreen


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