Monday, March 26, 2012

Made SOME Progress This Weekend

My goal was to get the centers pieced on the two quilts I pictured in my last post; however, life interfered -- shopping at the mall and at my local quilt store, Bolts in the Bathtub, became irresistible and all that takes time.

Our original quest at the mall was a booth staffed by Girl Scouts and selling their cookies! Had to have more Thin Mints (which I have to hide from Dan because he inhales them -- if you're reading this, honey, I really didn't buy any and you won't find them if I did). Terry was looking for the peanut butter sandwich cookies, Do-Si-Dos; there weren't any in the booth, but I spiffed her some of mine...

So since we were at the mall anyway, I had to look at and buy some of those fun earrings with feathers on them! They blend in really well with my hair so it looks like my hairdresser added more feathers -- fun!

I got all the blocks done for the first quilt top that I had planned to piece; there are A blocks and B blocks and in the upper right corner of the picture are the setting triangles since this quilt is set on point. I still have to sew a couple more seams on those 10 units.

The blocks laid out look like this....I LOVE the pale seafoam color for the background! I usually choose cream or white for backgrounds and it's nice to get away from that for a change.

Still have to make four corner units; all the pieces are stacked on my Sew Steady table, ready to go. I'm hoping to have a little time this afternoon to get the side and corner triangle piecing done so that all I have to do are the long seams later this week.

And the borders....

Didn't even touch the other one I wanted to do, but Terry and I are getting together in April, right before I teach at Fabrics, Notions & More in Ridgecrest, so there's still hope!

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  1. It looks wonderful, thanks for sharing! (I like the seafoam too).


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