Monday, April 21, 2014

Have to Show Off Lynda Schuler's Work!

I know I haven't blogged in a hundred years, but I just had to show you these!

I was teaching my Beyond the Basics workshop at Mulqueen Sewing Center in Mesa AZ late last month and Lynda brought in a finished piece that we had talked about last fall when she took my Feather Frenzy class. She had brought this piece of fabric and we talked about ways to quilt it using her new feather skills.

Here's a closeup of the center; I love how Lynda changed thread colors as she worked through the tie dye pattern.

Love, love, love -- and just had to share!

So I'm home for a couple of weeks now until I leave May 7 for the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City. From there it's on to Pittsburgh for Spring Market; if you're coming to Market, I'll be in the Mettler Threads booth and would love to see you!

Projects for the next couple of weeks:
1) Clean off work tables so I can actually work there?
2) Pin baste and quilt patriotic quilt that will be used as a fundraiser at HMQS -- I should be able to finish with seconds to spare!
3) Finish Lauren's quilt (she's 9 and I have had her 10-year-old sister's quilt done for a couple of years and have been carrying it around and displaying it. Those of you who have seen me in that time -- do you remember the pretty pink, green & white twin size quilt that everybody asks me the pattern name
for and I can never remember?) I'll post pics of both the girls' quilts when I'm done.

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