Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's in the Capable Hands of FedEx

The last thing I had to stitch was the straight lines in metallic threads in the star. I used the yellow Mettler Silk Finish (100% cotton) #922 in the bobbin and two different top threads.

For the 90 and 45 degree lines, I used Mettler Metallic in Silver #0511; for the shorter lines, Sulky Sliver Metallic in #8020, a variegated stream lame (it's flat and looks like Christmas tree tinsel) in red, blue, gold & silver. Added a nice touch of color to the star and it will look even cooler when Josephine gets out her Easy Glitzer and puts some Swarovski crystals on there!

I couldn't really get great pictures of the final, but here's what I have:

Taken upside down, of course! Haven't yet figured out how to move things around in BlogPress.

So I took the quilt to FedEx yesterday afternoon and shipped it to Josephine at Asilomar where she is taking a class. She can then bind it and add those crystals.

And I have one project down this year -- hooray!

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