Friday, April 25, 2014

Wow! Cut That Really Close!!

Finished the cabling in the row of pieced stars and I really like the way it turned out....

The next area where the yellow/gold variegated thread is to be used is in the 2" wide inner border. This is the stencil I've chosen; the stencil # is MO30 and it's available from the Stencil Company ( It's a 1-1/2" width stencil and I use it a lot for narrow borders and sashings.

Looks awesome stitched up....

And another view...

I was stitching that inner border when I noticed that there was very little thread on the spool of cotton that I was using in the top of the machine. I was starting to panic a little as it was the only spool I had and I thought I had a whole 'nother side to stitch! Checked, saw that I was on the last side and crossed my fingers that the thread would last long enough to complete those last feathers. Well, luck was with me this morning -- I finished with 7 inches to spare! Whew! That's cutting it way too close for my nerves to handle!

Next I'm going to stitch the outer border -- this stencil is 4" wide and is #348; not sure of the manufacturer, although I know I have seen something similar on The Stencil Company's website.

I'll be using Mettler Silk Finish 50 wt. (100% cotton) color #790 in the bobbin and Mettler Poly Sheen (100% polyester) color #3600 in the top of the machine. Poly Sheen is a 40 weight thread with a beautiful sheen to it that will look pretty in this border.

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  1. When I run low on thread, I quilt faster. It seems to help.

    1. I think I found myself doing that, Debby -- and, you're right! -- it worked!

  2. What do you use to mark your quilting lines? I hadn't thought of using my stencils with my machine.

    Do you have a machine on a frame or just work from the table? (I just found your blog from Quilting Blogs and I haven't read through any of your previous posts so if these are "dumb" questions I apologize.)

    1. Marking quilting lines depends on the color of the fabric and whether or not the quilt is to be washed. I always wash my quilts so generally use the MarkB-Gone water soluble markers in either blue or pink. If the quilt isn't going to be washed, like the patriotic one I'm working on now, I use an air soluble marker. The ones I use are also from Mark-B-Gone.

      For dark fabrics, if using a stencil, I like to use the Ultimate Pounce Pad from Hancy Mfg. It comes with a white powder (look for the one that says that it irons off; it's a better product and is easier to see than the wash-out one). To use this, you just swipe the applicator (looks like a blackboard eraser) over your stencil so that the powder goes through the channels on to your fabric. There are also colored powders, but I only use the white one that irons off.

      My machine sits down in a cabinet that is positioned so that the quilt doesn't fall off on to the floor. If you go to my website and click on "Tips & Tricks" there's a pretty good free tutorial about that.

  3. Hey, Paula, it's about time that you came and visited us in Nebraska again, don't you think? My mom (Phyllis from the Quilters Cottage) and I were just talking about you the other day! We miss you girlfriend!


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